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Specialized in drying field for 20 years, professional heat pump dryer manufacturer

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Professional energy saving hot air dryer manufacturer More than 2000 sets products have been sold to overseas countriesNational High-tech Enterprise, Provincial heat pump engineering technology research and development Center

Guangdong Phnix Environmental Protection Technology Co,ltd specialized on the technology research,production and high quality of drying solution for industry/agricultural heat pump dyrer.Phnix heat pump dryer aims to pursue high-quality drying solution, and the scheme has been successfully applied in industrial drying, fruit and vegetable drying, grain drying, chain type drying, wood drying, tobacco drying and other fields, which makes Phnix becoming a large-scale dryer manufacturer that can replace the traditional drying equipment.

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Why choose Phnix?
Comprehensive solutions

High technology to ensure safe and reliable solutions

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Visiable sample projects, witnessed the development of global drying field



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